Within the glamour world, Fashion Photography is one of the most sought-after professions and it’s easy to see why. It is immensely challenging, lucrative, glamorous and high profile. And on the other hand, extremely competitive with very high risks involved in achieving quality & perfection of execution.


That’s where THINK OUT OF BOX comes IN. It is a comprehensively streamlined & professionally organized production house that coordinates all kinds of photography assignments, almost anywhere in the world. Since year 2000, THINK OUT OF BOX has been Coordinating, Directing & Producing Photography assignments, almost all over the globe. The last decade has seen us successfully pull off, over 300 client satiating photography projects in over 42 countries. And our established, reputed associates and channel partners in these countries help us make our execution perfect.


From lighting, gear, and the technical aspects of capturing fashion images to the importance of putting together a great team to understanding your brand’s aesthetics and business sensibilities – THINK OUT OF BOX is a no-holds-barred tool that will help you execute that amazing fashion production you have been planning.